Literotica women taken hostage by older women books

The Intro You know the deal… No one is under 18 and no names or physical traits are used for the characters for the most part as is my style. You put those in yourselves as the story is written so that you can choose to be one of the participants if you wish and I have no idea what you look like.

Anyway, 'nuff said and time to start the story.

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Just do as you're told. Do you hear me woman? Just do what they say and try not to be a wise ass and maybe we'll get out of this shit alive.

I swear to God. I'll give you another whooping if you do or say anything to piss them off. Do you hear me? As for you fuckers, mark my words, I'm going to kill every one of you when I get out of this. I'm gonna hunt you all down and kill you like dogs. Do you hear me you fuckers? Fuck you, you prick.

And you too, you low life piece of shit. And fuck you too, you little fuck.

literotica women taken hostage by older women books

Fuck all of you. Fuck all you bastards. It was held by a man standing directly in front of her at a distance of approximately 5 feet from the bedroom door through which she had just made her entry. The identity of the man was concealed behind a black ski mask. Her head snapped left and right scanning her bedroom with eyes filled with horror as she saw two other similarly attired men standing in the room, another of which also held a hand gun.I was singing along to an old 90's rock song, in my little white Malibu.

literotica women taken hostage by older women books

I left work early, Mandy said she was good to close the pub alone tonight. I came to a stop sign, 3 cars, too close together to proceed safely kept me there for a few moments. Suddenly, the passenger door, kitty-corner to me was opened, a dark figure sliding in, my foot slid off the break for a split second, before I replaced it on the pedal. The stranger flew forward, quickly escalating the situation. I heard the door slam as a large hand grasped my mouth and the cool barrel of a gun pressed against my temple.

literotica women taken hostage by older women books

I took off, going straight. The stranger reached into my purse, that sitting in the passenger's seat, and brought my phone out. Drive Girl! Through the rearview mirror I saw a black cowboy hat, with a bulls head decal and a ski mask pulled up to his eyes.

He directed me to a motel nearby. You're going to go in there," he pointed to the front office, "and you're going to get us a room. He wiped the tears from my face with his thumbs, clearing my smeared makeup.

Leave the keys in the ignition. The lady at the counter looked tired as I walked in, flopping her magazine on the counter. She didn't say much as I checked into a room. I gave her a panicked look as I left, but her nose was buried back in her magazine. I walked out, head down, tears returning to my eyes, as I walked back to the man in the driver's seat, the window was cracked.

He didn't look up as he ordered me to get in on the passengers side.

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He told me to give him the key, and drove to the room. Hand back the key when we got there. I got out and walked to the door, unlocking it with the key, the man was right behind me, following me into the room. My heart pounded as the door slammed and locked behind me. His mask was gone now, deep hazel eyes scrutinized me, wild brown hair decorated his crown, a short dark beard covered his masculine, boxy jaw.

He was older, being bout 35, and wore a tan Carhartt jacket, a plaid button-up and jeans, with thick hiking boots on. He removed his jacket and took a seat by the window. We sat in silence for what seemed like ages, his nose poked the rough the curtains watching outside.

Sirens passing by several times, making my heart race every time, hoping they would stop outside the motel and save me. I was about 4 feet from the phone. He was 10 feet away from me. My heart raced as I came to the decision to lunge for the phone and attempt to dial " His hand slammed the phone down in place before I could put in the first "1" and he threw me down on the bed like I was nothing.

His face was inches from mine, showing a golden tooth with a perl cross on it. You may as well get used to it. A rough calloused hand twirled a curl of my blond hair, holding it up to his nose and inhaling my scent. He let the air go with a big groan, expressing pleasure.We sat around the table in the camp; there were eight of us -- five men and three girls. We had been running safari trips on border of Zimbabwe and Botswana.

We were close to Zimbabwe but officially in Botswana. We had heard that the local chief in Zimbabwe was agitating. There was a risk of him picking on our camp as 'white-run'. We decided that we would spend a couple of days packing up and would then move further into Botswana.

I was deeply disappointed as I had spent four years building up business -- building the camp, getting local relationship with the villagers and securing local sources of supply for the camp. I had a great team -- I, Andy, had been there right through as had Pete and Colin. Paul and Steve had joined later. All five men were aged 24 to 29 -- I was oldest at The girls tended to stay for less time but we recruited through word of mouth. The three girls were Susan, Alison and Louise, all 23 or Susan had been with us least time -- for just four months.

All three girls were attractive but we all knew that we could not to get involved in relationships -- it would have been too complicated. It didn't stop the men fancying the girls and taking sly peeps when they were showering behind the woven grass screens Next morning, the tribe came at dawn - there was no time to pack up. They collected all of us together in the middle of our own camp. The tribe numbered about 60 -- probably 35 men and 25 women. The chief was an impressive man -- about 6' 2" and muscular.

All wore native dress; the men had hunting loin cloths and the ladies wore skirts and beads but were topless.

The men were all lean and fit -- they were used to running to catch food. The women were mainly lean too. The chief had roused his tribe to fever pitch; it could have turned nasty. We all had our elbows tied together behind our back with strips of leather made into thin thongs.So friendly and professional.

Everything was perfect and we were well looked after by everyone. I had done enough research to be dangerous and overwhelmed.

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Jelena did a great job assimilating my desires and her knowledge of the area and planned the trip around our interests. All suggestions she made were spot on and contributed to the success of the trip. There were a few minor hiccups but nothing that couldn't be worked around. Contact with Nordic while in country was always handled quickly and in a professional manner.

It was nice having the peace of mind knowing Nordic had our backs. We had a wonderful time. I would go again in a heartbeat. I felt safe and knew I was expected at certain locations at certain times, so I could move at my own pace in between. The scenery was breathtaking and I felt so lucky that I could take my time really enjoying that. Every person we encountered was polite, dedicated and professional.

Every excursion and hotel was great. I highly recommend going to Iceland and using Nordic Visitor when you get there. We felt that every aspect of our contact with you was professional and excellent and are very pleased we chose to book through you.

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There were no complications, errors, annoyances. We had a marvelous time in the three beautiful capital cities and loved every moment of our travels in them. We were especially impressed by the friendliness, courtesy and exemplary English spoken. We had an excellent holiday although it was a shame that we didn't see the Northern lights. Purely down to the weather though. Overall the communication and planning of the holiday went very smoothly and everywhere we went we were treated very well.

The chosen accommodation was, in all cases, superb. However, my advisor re-arranged my schedule and accommodation. A big help in such unforeseen situation. I travel alone throughout the world. By far this is the most seamless and professional group with whom I have ever dealt with.You can specify the number of training nodes to keep running for your model version.

See the section on scaling for more information. If you are using the gcloud command-line tool to deploy your model, you can use a SavedModel on your local computer. The tool stages it in the Cloud Storage location you specify before deploying it to Cloud ML Engine.

You may have included TensorFlow Ops in your computation graph that were useful primarily in the context of training. Once you've trained your model, you can remove those ops from your graph before exporting your final version.

Much of the advice given in the training application development page is aimed at the prediction experience. In some cases those are changes that you make to your model when the bulk of your training is done and you're ready to start deploying versions. You can send new data to your deployed model versions to get predictions. The following sections describe important prediction considerations. Cloud ML Engine provides two ways to get predictions from trained models: online prediction (sometimes called HTTP prediction), and batch prediction.

In both cases, you pass input data to a cloud-hosted machine-learning model and get inferences for each data instance. The differences are shown in the following table:The needs of your application dictate the type of prediction you should use.

You should generally use online prediction when you are making requests in response to application input or in other situations where timely inference is needed. Batch prediction is ideal for processing accumulated data when you don't need immediate results. For example a periodic job that gets predictions for all data collected since the last job.

You should also inform your decision with the potential differences in prediction costs. If you use a simple model and a small set of input instances, you'll find that there is a considerable difference between how long it takes to finish identical prediction requests using online versus batch prediction.

It might take a batch job several minutes to complete predictions that are returned almost instantly by an online request. This is a side-effect of the different infrastructure used by the two methods of prediction.

Taken by Tribe in Africa

Cloud ML Engine allocates and initializes resources for a batch prediction job when you send the request. Online prediction is typically ready to process at the time of request. Cloud ML Engine measures the amount of processing you consume for prediction in node hours.

This section describes these nodes and how they are allocated for the different types of prediction. It's easiest to think of a node as a virtual machine (VM), even though they are implemented with a different mechanism than a traditional VM.

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Each node is provisioned with a set amount of processing power and memory. It also has an operating system image and a set configuration of software needed to run your model to get predictions.Favorite the stuff you like.

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literotica women taken hostage by older women books

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All beginners to the ACT should start with the basics. In this section, you'll learn how the test is structured, what kinds of questions and content it tests, and what its scoring scale means for you. Why Is the ACT Important for Your College Goals. And how can you use this knowledge to raise your chances of getting into the college of your dreams. This extensive guide explains why colleges look at ACT scores and how they use ACT scores to compare students across the country.

What Is the ACT. A Complete Explanation of the TestThis article lays out all of the fundamentals of the ACT: how it started, what it tests, and why you need to take it. It also offers a few tips on how to get started on making an ACT study plan.

Skills and TopicsYou'll need to familiarize yourself with the four ACT sections. Our individual section guides explain what you can expect on each section in regard to content and question types. How Is the ACT Scored. What does a 36 mean.

Understanding how the ACT is scored is vital to creating the most effective prep plan for you. This comprehensive guide lays out how your ACT score is calculated and how to use this info to your advantage. Average ACT Scores for CollegesAverage ACT Scores by State (Most Recent)ACT Percentiles and Score RankingsBefore taking the ACT, it's important to know what the average ACT score is and what percentiles are.

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Our guides give you the overall ACT average, explain how this average can vary by college and state, and go over how to use percentiles to compare your performance with other test takers'. What Is a Good ACT Score. A Bad ACT Score. An Excellent ACT Score. Everyone wants to get a good ACT score on test day.

This guide explains how to figure out what a good ACT score for you is and how to set a target score based on where you're applying. Is The ACT Easier Than the SAT. Should You Take the ACT or the SAT. Still not sure whether to take the ACT or SAT.

These guides teach you the differences between the two tests and help you decide which one is ultimately right for you. What is the best way to approach the ACT. These resources will help you get in the right mindset for ACT prep.

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